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La Grande Tapisserie (The Great Tapestry) by Julien des Monstiers, 2013.


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Project aims to get strangers talking to each other
We’re all in this world together, so it’s probably a good idea that we’re nice to each other. The La Petite Syrah Café in France has already shifted its pricing model to benefit those who are friendly, and now a new project called Talk To Me London wants to explore different ways to get the city’s 8 million multicultural residents to share their stories with each other. READ MORE…
Finland’s Deerest Friends Light Up The Night Sky

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Hoe planten zich wapenen tegen zout milieu


De meeste planten houden niet van zout. Handig dus dat nu uit onderzoek blijkt dat planten de groeirichting van hun wortels kunnen aanpassen in de buurt van zout. Dat is wel bijzonder omdat de wortels zich normaal gesproken laten leiden door de zwaartekracht, en dus naar beneden groeien. Biologen weten nu hoe dit zoutmijdende proces op celniveau werkt. Nu willen ze nog de genen opsporen die een plant op deze manier helpen in een zout milieu te overleven. Kennislink


Heritage Heresy
New Trend Briefing #HERITAGEHERESY – why 2014’s heretical consumers view nothing as sacred. READ MORE

Africa-friendly DIY shoe can be made by the people that wear them
Many people in the poor, rural areas of developing countries spend the majority of their time carrying out tasks that citizens of the West simply don’t need to. This means they don’t have the time to pursue their own work and instead rely heavily on aid and donated products. The KLEM project now aims to help those in Malawi use available local resources to create their own shoes following a simple design. READ MORE…
Starbucks Guerilla Gardening Concept Could Make The Brand Even More Ubiquitous [Pics] - PSFK

Groei is meer dan een cijfer

Gisteravond tijdens een bijeenkomst ‘De Grote Transitie’ - Geldcreatie en de nieuwe economie, kwam deze vraag ook uit het publiek: “Waarom willen we naar een ‘stabiele en constante groei van 4%?”.

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In San Francisco, flowers hand-delivered in under 90 mins
Hyperlocalized businesses are becoming able to deliver goods at lightning-quick speeds thanks to the web, and we’ve already seen startups such as France’s L’appero offer aperitif bundles at any location in 45 minutes. Now BloomThat is hoping to do the same for flowers — picking, preparing and delivering fresh bouquets in under 90 minutes. READ MORE…
We were promised flying cars: Jared Ficklin at TEDxKC